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California style watercolors got its beginning in Southern California in the 1930's at the Chouinard School of Art by a group of loosely-knit artist who were often referred to as the California School, which interpreted the American scene in a uniquely Southern California way.  Some of the artist in the group included Barse Miller, Fletcher Martin, Paul Sample, Phil Dike, Millard Sheets, Hardie Gramatky, Emil J. Kosa, Jr., Phil Paradise, Ben Messick, Lee Blair, Rex Brandt and others.

    Early California Art/ American
Impressionism became a popular style of painting in America around the turn of the century.  American artists traveled to France to learn this new style of painting from the French artists who were promoting it.  California also had artists who traveled from near and far to paint in plein air to capture the beautiful landscapes, mountains, coast and sea in this new impressionist style of painting.  The artists in the South who painted in plein air, captured the sunlight of developing towns and shoreline with attractive colors that brought landscapes, seascapes and coastal scenes to life.  The artists to the north utilized a tonalist style of painting that captured the fog and cloudy atmosphere of these areas.  
We are currently offering paintings by selected contemporary artists who paint in an impressionist style. 

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