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Appraisal Services

We are a member of the International Society of Appraisers and offer appraisal services for obtaining insurance coverage, for determining an amount to claim for a casualty loss deduction, for establishing an amount for a non-cash charitable contribution, to determine a fair asking or buying price and to determine federal or state estate tax liabilities.

Brokering Services

If you have a painting you want to sell with our market contacts we can find buyers for your art.  This can be a less expensive way of selling your art compared to selling at a auction.

Consignment Services

We offer consignment services as another option to sell your art.  On consignment we can put your painting on our website gallery for sale.  This selling option can also be less expensive compared to selling your art at auction.  

Consultation Services

We offer free consultation services regarding your art.  This includes a verbal condition report, verbal estimate of value and the best way to proceed.  We also provide free consultation services regarding information that you may desire on art whether it is about starting a collection or obtaining information on artist or information on type of art styles or movements.